Therapy is for Everyone- even those without a diagnosis. (By Paige)


Recently a young woman reached out to me with questions about the practice and starting therapy. She reported that she first tried to go through her insurance but was turned away by the therapist who told her it would be unethical to see her given that through their phone consultation it didn’t seem clear if she met criteria for a clinical diagnosis. The client was totally bewildered by this response and then confused. What that therapist was likely referring to was that in order to get her sessions covered by her insurance she would have to manufacture or bump up a diagnosis and that is unethical and can eventually harm the client.

This client represents many of the clients we see at our practice- clients that are functioning well in their lives. They are successful, they have relationships, they have wonderful careers, they are parents, they are spouses, sometimes they are college students. They play and fulfill many different roles. They might struggle in particular areas- hard life transitions like becoming a parent or going through a divorce, healing past traumas, grieving a loss, working through unhealthy relationship and life patterns. Yet clinically, they’re considered normal or even above average in functioning. Not meeting criteria for a mental health diagnosis like “major depressive disorder” or “generalized anxiety disorder” does not mean that a person can’t benefit from therapy! Our clients are these people- people that don’t have a diagnosis yet go through life-changing transformation in the process of therapy. Not only is therapy for anyone who wants to feel better and lead a more meaningful life, it’s for anyone who wants to improve themselves. For anyone who wants to self-actualize. For anyone who wants to grow to their highest good and greatest purpose. 

We certainly see many clients at the practice that are experiencing enough severity in their symptoms that they do qualify for a diagnosis. We welcome anyone who wants to heal, grow, and transform their life from the inside out. We wanted to share this story to illustrate an important point- therapy is for everyone. 

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