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Holistic therapy and healing is a self-pay practice which means that we do not directly accept health insurance. We do have many clients that bill us through their insurance as an out of network provider and are able to get reimbursement for the cost of their sessions or count session costs towards their deductible. We’ve partnered with a company called Mentaya which makes this process very easy and convenient by handling it all of it for both the provider and the client! You can check to see if you have out of network benefits here:  Clients pay directly to the practice for their sessions and Mentaya or insurance reimburse the client directly. Please let your therapist know if you plan to seek insurance reimbursement and they will help you with this paperwork process. In addition to all typical forms of payment, we do accept health savings accounts directly and have many clients that use their health savings account to cover the cost of their sessions. 
There are a multitude of reasons why we do not accept insurance directly. Some of those reasons include that accepting insurance often becomes a bureaucratic diagnosis-based paperwork process to satisfy the insurance company in order for them to cover the service. This fundamentally changes the process of therapy and often in ways that harm the client or dim down the process of therapy causing redundant and time consuming paperwork, taking the therapist and client away from the core reasons the client is actually in therapy. In addition, diagnoses given to insurance become part of the client’s permanent medical record and can follow them throughout a lifetime despite a human’s nature which is to change and grow (and often outgrow diagnoses). At the practice we are more than happy to collaborate with other professionals for a strong continuity of care and team effect, but client’s privacy is critically important. Many of our clients are high functioning and do not meet criteria for a diagnosis yet stand to benefit greatly from the process of therapy.  
The cost of sessions varies based on the individual therapist’s license level and experience level. For a post-Master’s degree licensed therapist the Intake session is usually $135-$165 and Individual sessions after intake are $100-145. Couple and family sessions are usually extended in length and $150-$175. Each therapist has different lengths of session based on their process so please inquire directly. 
We know that there are many people in the area who are deeply motivated and feel like our practice is the right fit for them yet they might not be able to financially afford these rates at the frequency necessary. We’ve brought on two training licensed graduate students who are interning at the practice and seeing clients at very reduced rates of less than 50% of post-masters licensed therapists. They have each committed to over a year and a half at the practice and will have their own caseloads of clients. If you are interested in seeing a graduates student intern please contact the practice owner @ [email protected].