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Each of us has an innate capacity for self-healing, and a safe relationship allows that ability to emerge. Our natural responses to life’s struggles and traumas, at one point, are wise and protective. However, when the survival response remains long past the traumatic experience it can create behaviors and symptoms that are damaging. Trauma doesn’t have to be a big event, there are many ways that we can become overwhelmed in this world, resulting in stuck emotions, unprocessed memories, and unhelpful self-conceptions.These experiences can include relational and developmental trauma as well as living with pain or chronic illness. Our thoughts, feelings, and bodies are intricately connected, cyclically creating and informing each other.

I provide person-centered counseling through a trauma-informed lens, which means that safety and consent are my first priority, and that I view behaviors and symptoms as messages to be listened to rather than problems to get rid of. The paradox is that with attention and acceptance they diminish. With gentle attention and open curiosity, we follow your lead to uncover what wants to be addressed. In this way we can develop new neural pathways to support safety and connection, as the coregulation of a safe and trusting relationship helps heal the damage done by the trauma or negative life experience.

I work with adults dealing with a variety of issues including trauma, anxiety, depression, physical health diagnoses and chronic pain, grief and loss, and much more. I’m well versed in queer language and diverse gender/sexual identities and can cater to the safety needs of those individuals. I integrate somatic inquiry, mindfulness, self-compassion, and radical acceptance. I am working towards certification in EMDR. EMDR is a method of trauma processing that uses bilateral stimulation to support the brain in reconsolidating memories, so that once-distressing memories can become appropriately stored. I’m here to support you in creating more internal safety, joy, and resilience, finding a home in your self/body.

I identify as highly sensitive and connect well with other HSPs. Before counseling, my background was in fine arts, herbalism, and energy work. I received a Master’s in Mental Health Counseling from the University of Cincinnati. I am a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional through Evergreen Certifications. I am receiving EMDR training through the Institute for Creative Mindfulness.”


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