Why we brought on a Parenting Coach (by Paige)


Therapists specialize in so many areas and while we do have two child and family therapists on staff, one area we are persistently being asked for guidance on is Parenting. Parenting is such a specialized area of practice and one that requires the practitioner to get deeply involved with not only the parent but the family as a whole. This includes meeting with other family members as well as observing parent and child together. While therapists often steer away from advice giving, Parent Coaching does involve direct guidance and suggestions as well as a taking a deeper look at all the things that impact a parent.

Throughout Motherhood (and parenthood in general) we are confronted with aspects of our own childhood that were long forgotten. Parenting your child often brings up unresolved aspects of your own childhood and it should! Parenting is an opportunity for many to self-actualize and to each evaluate our own childhood, the way our parents raised us and values they instilled, and to determine what we want to keep and what we want to do differently with raising our children. This process of reflection and introspection can actually help us to heal wounds from childhood and to “close the loop” of trauma while also offering our children a childhood experience that is not fraught with their parents personal baggage. Our parent coach, Zulema, has a wonderful process of facilitating that introspection and deep dive balanced with gentle and firm guidance to help parents both resolve childhood issues while creating a a beautiful bond with their child.

This work and the investment it requires (time and money) is worthy of your time and effort and it will have a lasting impact on your children potentially throughout their lifetime. As parents we are not measured by the challenges we face with our children and family dynamics, but by our willingness to grow through them by learning and constantly adapting our approach.

Zulema specializes in blended family dynamics, divorce adjustment, parenting children through mental health concerns, and parents in the process of self-actualization. Please read her entire bio on our website under Parent Coach and email her at [email protected].

As always, THANK YOU for supporting our practice as we dedicate ourselves to creating new opportunities for healing, growth, and transformation.