The importance of creating (and holding) space


One of my most favorite things about owning this business is creating space that is specific to the therapist who will inhabit it, layered with quirky & dreamy decor, and of course comfortable, functional, and safe. This process brings out my creative side and it is so fun and entertaining to watch it go from a blank canvas to a finished product. Even better is the excitement of our clients when they walk in. Our clients LOVE being at the office. We want a place that people want to be in. Where both the therapist and the client looks forward to their session. A sacred space where clients can peel back the onion and get as deep as they need to. More then the physical space itself, we hold space for our clients to have an emotionally corrective experience. Below is a picture of our newest office for our family therapist, Taylor M. Professional yet filled with color- catering to couples, kids, and big enough for an entire family.

One question I often get from new clients is if we have virtual sessions. Yes we do! Each of us would tell you though that our preference is to meet in person. In person we don’t have to worry about a dog barking in the background, spying eyes of your spouse or nosy teenager, and internet issues. By creating the space we also control it which helps us as therapists to use our skill set for your highest good. We are so lucky to be in a field where the service can be delivered in a virtual and convenient format and sometimes that is absolutely critical! But for the regular days where everyone is healthy and has the time to come in, we’ll be waiting. ☺️