Retreat Life: An Immersion into Therapy (by Paige)


Are you burnt out? Overstimulated and overstressed? Spread in so many directions but with nothing or very little left for yourself? Are you craving something deep? At times do you feel disconnected from yourself and the people around you? Are you longing for deeper friendships and a stronger sense of community and support? At times are you feeling disconnected from highest self? If you’ve been looking for something. A challenge, an adventure, a way to unplug from stresses of daily life and plug back into yourself and your true nature, to bond with other women, to kickstart big change in your life this is IT!

I wish I could more easily convey in words the excitement and joy I feel announcing that our practice, Holistic Therapy and Healing, is hosting our first RETREAT! The weekend is March 24th-26th following the Spring Equinox at Hope Springs Institute (about 75 minutes out of Cincinnati). See the attached photo flyer for all the specifics.

I have led three yoga retreats at Hope Springs as an extension of my yoga studio, Elemental Om. To say that this cottage rustic retreat center in the middle of the woods is “magical” is a gross understatement. They take great care of us as we go from strangers to a close community of women over the weekend. For facilitators, this is Christmas morning. Retreats and immersive experiences are the highest expression of what therapists and healers do. For this weekend we will live in community with our clients and friends and journey together through group work, yoga, ritual, astrology, and tarot (for fun).

The Spring Equinox is an important time of year and humans are the most content when they are plugged in with nature and engaging in the natural rituals and rhythms of the changing seasons. Winter is a time to reflect and hibernate, to find peace, quiet, and solace. By late March early spring bursts forth and it’s time to shake the winter cobwebs off and connect with the explosion of energy available in spring and to then transform that energy into focused manifestation to change and transform (think of the moment a butterfly breaks free from it’s cocoon).

We have only a handful of slots left that will undoubtedly go quickly after publicizing this beyond our practice. As scary as it can be to do something that you’ve never done before, take that step of trust and join us. We can’t wait! Contact me with questions and to book: [email protected]